In 2022 numerous political, economic and financial sanctions were imposed against Russia. Foreign bank cards no longer work in Russia while Russian bank cards don't work abroad. Many international flights to / from Russia have been terminated. There are fears of negative implications in case of coming to or dealing with Russia. Below we will answer the most common sanction-related questions and give tips on how to come to Russia in new realities.

Did you know that Russia is the world's 4th destination for international migrants? About 500,000 immigrants move to Russia every year. People find hundreds of reasons to immigrate to Russia.
Here are just 6 of them.

Russia ranks 4th among top immigrant destinations around the world. Moving to Russia is becoming increasingly popular not only from neighbouring countries, but also from the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and other states for a number of reasons.
Below we will describe different options of how to get Russian residency (green card) and Russian citizenship.

Russia offers plenty of business opportunities. The competition in Russia is much lower compared to the US and the EU, the same is true about salaries, rental and utility fees. Vast domestic market and export-oriented infrastructure ensure businesses won't have problems with selling their goods and services.
Below we chose 5 good ideas for a startup in Russia.

When you have a business idea and a business plan, registering a company is usually the next thing you need to do to start your own business in Russia.
In this article we provide step-by-step instructions on how to register a company in Russia.  

Finding a good job is one of the most important things to take care of in case you are going to immigrate to Russia. It is even more important if you consider moving to Russia for a few months or years to earn money or to get new experience. Below you will find useful tips on what jobs are in demand, how to find a job in Russia and what rights employees enjoy.

Obtaining a visa is often the first thing to deal with when you are going to Russia no matter whether you are coming as a tourist, businessman or employee. In this article you will find the most relevant Russian visa requirements, information on who needs a visa to Russia, how to choose the right visa type, how and where to apply for a Russian visa and how much it costs.

Whether you are going to start a business in Russia, invest or relocate to Russia, taxation is one of the most important things to consider. Individual and corporate tax rates in Russia are lower than in many EU countries, and choosing the right taxation system will help you save a great deal of money.

Finding a place to live (along with finding a job) is the most serious challenge if you decided to relocate to Russia. What should one know before buying or renting an apartment in Russia? Where to find the best offers? What are the average costs? Below you'll find the answers to these questions and get other useful tips.

If you decided to relocate to Russia, buying a house or a land plot is a good alternative to purchasing an apartment. Below we will explore Russian house and land market, check legal aspects and share other useful tips.

Russian is the only official language in the Russian Federation spoken by over 99 per cent of its population. With over 150 million native speakers around the glode it is among the world's most popular languages and also one of five official languages in the United Nations. At the same time it is widely believed to be a difficult language to learn because of the rich vocabulary and rather complicated grammar rules.