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Are you looking for unique business opportunities? Or maybe thinking of moving to the world's largest country? Or just need a Russia-based assistant? We will make sure you enjoy your Russian experience.
Business in Russia
Running your own business in Russia is really simple and quite difficult at the same time. On the one hand, Russia is a country of business and investment opportunities. Cheap energy, highly skilled labor force, vast consumer market and low taxes make starting a company in Russia extremely attractive. Moreover, Russian market is far less competitive compared to the U.S. or the EU. On the other hand, business infrastructure is less developed, taxation and business legislation are sometimes complicated, corruption and fraud schemes still exist (though over the last decade they have become not so frequent).
Our mission is to help you fully realize the business and investment potential that Russia offers and to steer you through all possible difficulties. We offer the following services:
Business Consulting & Market Research Choosing the right sector and region for your business, market analysis, a step-by-step business plan  $300
Investment Consulting Investment opportunities, relevant legislation $200
Opening a Company Choosing taxation system, preparing and filing the application, hiring a CEO, legal address, company stamp from $300
Running a Company Legal address, virtual office and mail services, accounting services  from $200 / month
HR Services  Preparing and posting CV, interviewing, employment paperwork $300 / vacancy
Travel & Immigration 
Russia is a perfect tourist destination. Unique nature, great history, rich culture and unparalleled mix of European and Asian traits is all about Russia. And, above all, traveling in Russia is generally cheaper than in Europe and America.
Coming to Russia to get medical treatment is another popular trend. Russian doctors are known for their high qualifications but their prices are several times lower than in the US and the EU. For example, stomatological services and surgery are what foreigners often come for.
Some people are even thinking of or already decided to immigrate to Russia. Lower prices and taxes, employment opportunities, free or cheap education and healthcare, traditional values and independent foreign policy attract thousands of applicants.
We will be happy to assist you with any travel or immigration issues:
Tourist Visa Support Visa invitation, general visa support $50
Business Visa Support Visa invitation, general visa support from $100
Individual Travel Package Individual travel plan, travel arrangements, visa support from $200
Medical Tourism Package Choosing the right medical program, negotiating with the clinic, visa support from $300
General Immigration Package Immigration consulting, preparing the paperwork for residence permit, registration, medical insurance, employment assistance from $600
Retirement Immigration Package Immigration consulting, preparing the paperwork for residence permit, registration, medical insurance, assistance with renting/purchasing a house/apartment from $600
Consulting, Legal & Research
Finding a reliable lawyer, accountant or translator is not easy even in the home country. But when it comes to a foreign country, it may be extremely difficult. Especially if the task to be done is not quite simple.
Our experience, qualifications and connections with other professionals allow us to cope with almost any task. Whether you need a Russia-based lawyer, agent, translator or even researcher, our team is at your service:
Legal Services Legal consulting and legal opinions, drafting documents, court representation, notary services $80 / hour
Translation Services Translating, apostile and notary certification $10 / page
Virtual Office Mail services, legal address, representation services from $100 / month
Archive Research Genealogical research, historical analysis from $300