Study in Russia

Russia is known for traditionally high educational standards. Studying in Russia is a good opportunity not only to get or improve your qualification, but also to master your Russian language, establish new contacts, start your career or immigration process. Moreover, studying in Russia is much cheaper than studying in most Western universities.
There are numerous educational programs depending on your needs: language & culture courses, foundation, bachelor & master programs. Many schools and universities offer inexpensive accommodation and various social activities.

Study in Russia: A step-by-step guide

Step 1. Decide on the educational program. Do you want to learn Russian language? Or get a bachelor degree? Or maybe coninue your education with a master program? Decide on what you would like to study, what program type and duration fit you best.
Step 2. Select the program. There are hundreds of various educational programs in Russia. Sort them by your preferences and select several programs you like most of all. Contact the schools or universities for details and make the final choice based on their replies.
Step 3. Apply for the program. Fill in the application form and submit the required paperwork. After your application is approved, prepayment for the tuition fees is usually required.
Step 4. Get a student visa. The school or university will provide you a visa invitation. Apply for a student visa with the local Russian consulate or visa center.
Step 5. Come to Russia. Once you get a student visa, come to Russia and start your classes! If your program is longer than 90 days, your school or university will extend your student visa for up to one year.

Our services

Find a program: Assistance package
We offer:
- Searching for educational programs according to your preferences;
- Preparing a list of suitable programs with relevant description, contact details and tuition fees;
- Assistance with submitting an application to the educational program you choose;
- General consulting on studying in Russia, enrolment procedures and student visa.
Cost: $199
Russian language classes
We offer:
- Online classes with a professional Russian tutor;
- Improving grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing and speaking skills;
- Preparing for Russian language tests.
Cost: $25 per class