Russian Visa

Whether you come to Russia as a tourist, student, employee or immigrant, obtaining a Russian visa is often one of the first things to take care of.

Do I need a visa to Russia? 

Most visitors including US, UK, EU, Canadian and Australian citizens need to obtain a Russian visa. However, over 60 nationalities enjoy a visa free entry to Russia. Check the list below to find out if you qualify for a visa free entry.
Nationalities allowed to enter Russia visa free
If your country is in the list, you can come to Russia as a tourist without a visa for the specified period. Your valid travel passport is the only document you'll need to cross the border. However, if you are going to work or study in Russia, you'll still need a visa.

What visa type should I apply for?

Use the table below to choose the right visa type depending on your needs:
Visa type Purpose of the visit Visa duration Comment
E-visa Short tourist, private or business visit up to 16 days out of a 60-day period  The visa is issued fully online, but is not available for all nationalities 
Tourist visa Tourism, attending a conference / exhibition, visiting relatives or friends, meeting business partners up to 180 days out of a 360-day period The quickest and easiest option if you are not eligible for an e-visa
Business visa Meeting business partners up to 90 days out of a 180-day period An invitation from a Russian company is required
Guest visa Visiting relatives or friends up to 360 days An invitation from a relative / friend is required
Work visa Working 90 days, extended for up to 3 years An invitation from an employer is required
Student visa Studying, working (part-time) 90 days, extended for up to 1 year An invitation from a school / university is required

How to get a Russian e-visa (online)?

Effective 1.08.2023 Russia resumed issuing e-visas. E-visa doesn't require going to a Russian consulate or visa center. The visa application can be submitted online at
E-visa allows to stay for up to 16 days only and is available only for some nationalities. If you are going to stay longer or your country is not in the list, please see the step-by-step instructions below.
Nationalities eligible for an e-visa

How to get a regular Russian visa: A step-by-step instruction

  1. Get a letter of invitation (confirmation & a tourist voucher). Invitation for a tourist or business visa can be provided online by an authorized travel company. It is required even if you come as an individual traveler. Invitation for a guest / student / work visa should be processed by the Immigration department upon your relative / friend / university / employer request.
  2. Fill in the visa application form at and print it out.
3. Schedule an appointment with your local Russian visa center or consulate and submit the following paperwork:
a) Your national (travel) passport with at least two blank pages and valid for at least 6 months after the intended visa expiration date;
b) A letter of invitation (see step 1);
c) A printed visa application form (see step 2);
d) Two passport-sized photos;
e) Travel insurance (for EU citizens);
f) HIV negative certificate (for long-term visas only).
At the consulate you will need to pay the consular fee (70 EUR for EU citizens; 160 USD for US citizens and most other nationalities).
4. Collect your passport with your Russian visa in 5-10 business days.

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