Coming to Russia Under Sanctions: FAQ

In 2022 numerous political, economic and financial sanctions were imposed on Russia. Foreign bank cards no longer work in Russia while Russian bank cards don't work abroad. Many international flights to / from Russia have been terminated. There are fears of negative implications in case of coming to or dealing with Russia. Below we will answer the most common sanction-related questions and give tips on how to come to Russia in new realities.
Is it allowed to come to Russia under sanctions?
Yes, there are no restrictions on coming to Russia no matter whether your country has imposed sanctions or not. If you haven't been involved in anti-Russian activities and haven't violated Russian legislation, you may freely enter Russia. Moreover, you can still cooperate with most Russian companies, open and run your own business in Russia.
Is it safe in Russia nowadays?
It is not recommended to visit regions bordering Ukraine such as Belgorod, Kursk and Bryansk Oblast. It is absolutely safe elsewhere.
How can I get to Russia?
Due to sanctions there are no direct flights between Russia and the US, UK and the EU. However, you can easily come to Russia with a stopover in neutral countries. The most popular routes include flying via Istanbul (Turkey), Dubai (UAE), Belgrade (Serbia) and Yerevan (Armenia). Another option is to come to Russia by bus from Tbilisi (Georgia), Tallin (Estonia), Riga (Latvia) or Helsinki (Finland). Also, there are trains to Russia from Minsk (Belarus) and Almaty (Kazakhstan).
Should I beware of border closure and mobilization in Russia?
There are no signs of any intentions to close the border. Border closure makes no sense as those who wanted to leave have already done so. In any case, as a foreign citizen you can't be subject to mobilization and you will be able to leave Russia even in the highly unlikely event of the border closure.
How can I transfer money to/from Russia?
Transferring money to Russia for personal use is not subject to any sanctions. There are several legal ways of transferring money to/from Russia:
a) Cash. You can still bring cash in the equivalent of up to $10,000 without any restrictions.
b) Cryptocurrency. This option is becoming increasingly popular. You can buy crypto with your non-Russian bank card and then simply convert crypto into Rubles through an exchange and have them remitted to your Russian account.
c) Transfer through a neutral country. If you have an account in a neutral country like Armenia, Serbia or Kazakhstan, you can first transfer funds there and then have them transferred to Russia. We recommend to double-check if your bank in a neutral country will be able to make such a transfer. We have a branch in one of neutral countries and can assist you with transferring money to Russia for personal use.
Can I immigrate to Russia and apply for Russian residency / citizenship?
Current sanctions and geopolitical tensions almost haven't influenced immigration procedures for ordinary applicants. All processes remain the same. If you haven't been directly involved in anti-Russian activities, you are eligible for immigration with no restrictions.
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