Immigrate to Russia

Russia ranks 4th among top immigrant destinations around the world. Moving to Russia is becoming increasingly popular not only from neighbouring countries, but also from the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and other countries.
Immigration to Russia includes three major steps: obtaining a temporary residence permit, a permanent residence permit and actual citizenship.

Russian residency

A residence permit (green card) is usually approved if an applicant has some connections with Russia such as a job in a Russian company, a business in Russia, a property, Russian ancestry or relatives, etc.
Under standard immigration procedure an applicant is expected to pass a language test (some applicants are exempt), reside in Russia for at least one year with a temporary residence permit and five years with a permanent residence permit. However, some strategies allow expedited and simplified immigration.
Russian residents have almost the same rights as Russian citizens do. They can live and work in Russia, enjoy different social benefits, etc.

Russian citizensip

To become a Russian citizen an applicant is usually expected to live in Russia for at least five years as a permanent resident. At the same time there are several immigration strategies that allow to get Russian citizenship within just 1-3 years.
Russian passport gives full protection to its holders. Russia never extradites its citizens. Moreover, Russian legislation doesn't prohibit having other citizenships and residencies. Thus, new citizens are able to keep all their citizenships.

How to immigrate to Russia: Action plan

  1. Check what immigration strategies are available in your case. Book a consultation with our lawyer to find out your options and detailed procedures. Decide on your immigration plan.
  2. Establish a connection with Russia depending on the immigration strategy you choose. Find a job or register a company in Russia, go to a Russian university or purchase a property, prove your Russian ancestry or marry your Russian girlfriend/boyfriend.
  3. Prepare for and pass a language test (if you are not exempt). The earlier you start preparations, the better results you will get. Not many people in Russia speak English, and fluent Russian may be required for comfortable living.
  4. Prepare the paperwork and apply for Russian residency and citizenship. Our immigration attorneys will gladly assist with the paperwork and guide you through the whole immigration process.

Our services

Consultation & Immigration plan
We offer:
- An online call (by Skype / Zoom / WhatsApp / etc.) with our immigration attorney;
- Consulting on available immigration options, procedures and required paperwork in your specific case;
- A step-by-step plan to follow;
- Answers to any of your Russia-related questions including employment and business opportunities, taxation, purchasing a property, etc.
Cost: $119
Comprehensive guide on immigrating to Russia
We offer:
- A unique guide in PDF format with over 110 pages of really useful and up-to-date information;
- 11 immigration strategies;
- Russian visa, residency, citizenship procedures & paperwork;
- Samples of Russian language tests;
- Information on taxation, employment & business opportunities;
- Useful tips on choosing a place to live, purchasing a property and everyday life.
Cost: $49
Immigration assistance
We offer:
- Full legal support with your residency or citizenship application;
- Translating and notarizing the application paperwork;
- Filling in the application forms;
- Guiding through the whole immigration process.
Cost: From $399