Work in Russia

Finding a good job is one of the most important things to take care of in case you are going to immigrate to Russia. It is even more important if you consider moving to Russia for a few months or years to earn money or to get new experience.

What jobs are in demand in Russia

Russian economy is big enough to offer thousands of vacancies in almost every sphere. However, the competition with local workers may be quite intense. Finding a job in Russia will be easier if you have high qualification and/or speak Russian.
Being an English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese or Arab native speaker will be enough to get a teaching job in a language school. Many schools are looking for native speakers and ready to pay them a salary above the market. If you also speak Russian, you may think of becoming an editor or a translator.
Many Russian companies are constantly looking for highly skilled professionals in certain areas: business consultants, oil and gas engineers, IT engineers, top managers, etc. If you are a qualified and experienced specialist, finding a good employer won't be difficult.
At the same time in some spheres employment opportunities are limited: for example, lawyers will need to study Russian law or focus on helping Russian companies with foreign legislation. Foreign citizens are not allowed to work as pilots, army and police officers, public servants.

How to find a job in Russia

Most vacancies are available at Russia's popular job search websites: Headhunter,, Avito. However, if you are looking for a job in a certain company or have high qualification in a certain area, you may contact potential employers directly. Sometimes employers may even create a new position for applicants they like.

Russian labor legislation

If you are going to work in Russia, it is important to follow some basic labor and immigration regulations. In addition to a work visa most jobs require a work permit — make sure you get it before you actually start working.
Always conclude a labor or service contract with your employer. This way your rights will be protected by the labor legislation which is really employee friendly. All employees are eligible for an annual 28-day paid holiday and a paid sick leave. Working for more than 40 hours per week is allowed only if employee agrees to and should be paid extra. It is not possible to fire an employee without a really serious reason.
Starting a business is a good alternative to finding a job in Russia.

Our services

Consultation on working in Russia
We offer:
- An online call (by Skype / Zoom / WhatsApp / etc.) with our attorney;
- Consulting on employment opportunities, taxation, labor and immigration legislation;
- Answers to any of your Russia-related questions.
Cost: $119
Job search assistance package
We offer:
- Consulting on employment opportunities, taxation, labor and immigration legislation;
- Translating your CV into Russian and adjusting it to Russian standards;
- Creating your profile on Russia's most popular job search website (you'll be able to manage it yourself);
- Searching for available vacancies (at least 30 vacancies) and/or contacting potential employers.
* We don't employ directly and can't guarantee your employment. The success always depends on your qualification, communication skills and involvement in the job search process.
Cost: $199
Legal support with employment
We offer:
- Consulting on labor legislation and employment regulations;
- Employer and labor contract legal check;
- Assistance with employment paperwork: a work permit, a work visa invitation, etc.
Cost: $30 per hour